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    FAQs | Frequent Asked Questions

    From the Farm Bill to the legalization movement in recent years, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is finally more accessible than ever. While some prefer to shop at dispensaries, others prefer to have delta-9 products shipped discretely to their door. 

    These changes happened fast, but for those seeking high-quality hemp plant extracts and with trusted delta-9, there has never been a better time than now. 

    Sunmed now presents its Delta-9 THC Beyond collection, featuring a diverse array of premium THC products with carefully curated cannabinoid ratios for every experience level and every need. Here’s what you need to know.*

    Delta-9 THC is the world’s most widely recognized cannabinoid. It’s the compound responsible for producing hemp’s signature psychoactive effects, with a host of recreational and therapeutic applications.

    Delta-9 was long considered a controlled substance, but shifts in the legal landscape have made it more accessible to those seeking relaxation, comfort, and soothing relief. The Beyond Delta-9 collection has everything you need to explore the world of THC with intelligence and intention.

    Through our research and third-party testing, we’ve found that delta-9 is a complex compound that offers much more than an intoxicating effect. When paired with the right cannabinoid profile and terpenes, delta-9 can offer balance, clarity, comfort, and general quality of life improvements for those who use it properly. 

    Our Beyond Delta-9 collection exists to make THC an approachable lifestyle supplement, with premium cannabinoid ratios formulated for your specific need — better sleep, daytime stimulation, or routine relief. 

    How does delta-9 interact with the body?

    Delta-9 interacts with the body through the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. This network of cells and neurotransmitters plays a role in many of the body’s most critical functions, from sleep and stress to mood regulation and cognitive clarity.*

    When we ingest delta-9, it targets and binds with CB1 receptors, which are mainly concentrated in the brain and central nervous system. This can change our sensory perception, heighten sensitivity to stimuli, and induce a sense of physical relaxation. 

    CB2 receptors are also targeted by delta-9, providing deep soothing effects and supporting processes like recovery and rest. Whether you’re winding down from a hard workout or enjoying a low-key evening routine, the right delta-9 formula can make all the difference.*

    Remember, the endocannabinoid system is complex, and compounds like delta-9 address imbalances throughout the entire body. Wherever you’re at on a physical or mental level, delta-9 meets you there and can help bring your body back to balance.

    Does delta-9 contribute to the entourage effect?

    We usually think of CBD as being at the center of the entourage effect, but let’s not forget the role of delta-9. After all, the entourage effect requires several different compounds to work its magic, and delta-9 is part of the supporting cast that makes it happen.*

    Our Beyond product line is developed with the entourage effect in mind, as every product balances delta-9 with other cannabinoids and terpenes. Even if you’re in the market for a product that mainly features delta-9, we find that users have a better, more well-rounded experience when secondary cannabinoids are present. 

    Live resin brings something new to the world of hemp. It’s a unique extraction method that involves flash-freezing live hemp plants to obtain a robust concentrate that reflects a true-plant cannabinoid and terpene profile. Live resin brings you closer to the genuine experience of a real indica or sativa, in a more subtle, convenient format.

    Rather than reaching for pre-rolls, vapes, or flower, live resin captures the essence of hemp in a more accessible and concentrated form. You still get all the benefits you want from your favorite flower, but the experience is streamlined, simple, more consistent, and ultimately healthier for your body.* 

    Plus, you get to decide your ratio of CBD to delta-9 and other hemp compounds with our Beyond collection. Want to prioritize energizing CBG as part of your routine with a THC kick? Our 1:1:1 Sativa Live Resin Gummies will get you amped up and focused. Ready to kick back and call it a night in preparation for deep sleep? These 1:1:1 Live Resin Indica Gummies contain equal parts CBN, CBD, and THC, serving as a powerful, natural sleep aid.*

    Sativa is known for its more energizing, cerebral, and uplifting effects compared to the more relaxing and full-body experience of indica. Our Beyond product line reflects these differences and gives you plenty of options to choose from.

    Sativa can help you wake up and feel alert for a day in the sunshine, while indica is better suited for an afternoon on the couch. This collection also includes hybrid blends and delta-8, a minor compound from the hemp plant, to bring some more variety to our edibles and tinctures. 

    Of course, everyone responds to these strains differently, so we encourage smart experimentation and starting with small serving sizes to see what works best for you. 

    Sunmed’s Beyond collection showcases hemp-derived cannabinoids from gummies to tinctures and water solubles. You might already love the effects of delta-9 THC or full spectrum CBD, but what’s the best way to take them? Whether you prefer the long-lasting convenience of gummies or the fast-acting versatility of water solubles, these hemp products give you the benefits of delta-9 exactly how you want them. 

    The main difference between our delivery methods is how long it takes to feel the effects and how long they last. Visit our delivery methods education if you’re still on the fence about which hemp-derived products will enhance your lifestyle the most. 


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