Full Spectrum Trim Soft Gel Capsules

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Sugar Free
Proprietary Terpene Blend
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Let hemp do the work. 

This full spectrum CBD weight loss formula features NITRO-V—a proprietary blend of CBD-V and THC-V. These two hemp compounds work to naturally suppress appetite, boost satisfaction, and reduce food cravings. Turmeric root extract further supports the body with antioxidant properties. 

Crafted from organic hemp. Quality guaranteed—always.

For best results, do not pair with THC or a full spectrum product.

Ingredients: MCT Oil form Fractionated Coconut Oil, Gelatin, and Purified Water. Contains: Coconut

Delivery Method: Soft Gel Capsules

Spectrum: Full Spectrum

Flavor: Orange

Total Cannabinoid Per Serving: 50mg

Total Cannabinoid Per Container: 1500mg

Why Sunmed?

Sunmed products have been sourced and developed from the highest quality industrial hemp-derived extract available on the market today. From extraction to finished goods, our in-house Ph.D. scientists work with third-party test facilities to track every step. This stringent quality control process ensures our products deliver the best possible results for you and your family.

Our Process

Our products are non-GMO and crafted from organically grown hemp farmed in the USA. While most non-detect THC products are made with a process that exclusively extracts CBD molecules, our proprietary extraction process also includes terpenes and an array of minor cannabinoids. This results in our flagship products that are rich in naturally-occurring hemp benefits. Following THC removal, we introduce a proprietary blend of plant-based terpenes to increase the synergistic effects of CBD on the body. Visit our website to view lab reports for our products.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

Appetite plays a key role in the balancing act of weight management and overall health. Feelings of hunger and satiety often tip the scales in your eating patterns and weight loss trends — and being able to manage your appetite plays a key role in staying on track with your goals. 

We developed our Full Spectrum Trim Soft Gels to give you the edge in the game of appetite and weight management. They contain the best of the hemp plant, along with other natural ingredients that fuel metabolic health.

With control of your appetite, you’re less likely to give in to cravings or veer off track from your healthy diet. You’ll make the right call — whether with food, exercise, or other healthy habits that keep you moving toward your weight loss goals at a healthy pace.

There’s more to appetite than just hunger and satisfaction, of course. Cravings for certain foods can come and go, so the type of hunger signals you experience also matters. If you can orient your appetite around quality food, balanced intake, and healthy satiety response, these are all good things for weight management. 

Our Full Spectrum Trim Soft Gels are designed to help you stay in control of your appetite, not the other way around.

NITRO-V is at the heart of our Trim Soft Gels and the full line of trim products from Sunmed. It’s a balanced combination of THC-V and CBD-V, two cannabinoids with unique properties. These two non-psychoactive cannabinoids work together to support appetite management, reduce cravings, increase satisfaction, and reduce feelings of tension — making Full Spectrum Trim Soft Gels a powerful part of your weight management plan.*

What is THC-V?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V) is closely related to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in structure, but its effects are quite different. 

That’s because THC-V is an inverse agonist, meaning it provides the opposite effects of THC. Instead of munchies, these cannabinoids can repress appetite and increase feelings of satiety.*

Additionally, THC-V offers more stimulating effects than its drowsier counterparts. That extra clarity and energy can be a critical boost when navigating a rigorous fitness routine and sticking to a diet for the long term. 

Between appetite management and a sustainable energy source, THC-V is one of the more compelling natural cannabinoids we’ve encountered. No matter where you’re at on your weight loss journey, it can play a key role in your lifestyle goals.

What is CBD-V?

Cannabidivarin (CBD-V) is another naturally occurring cannabinoid that pairs perfectly with THC-V, making it a crucial component of our NITRO-V blend. CBD-V may soothe feelings of discomfort, support overall emotional balance, and provide calming sensations that can make your weight management that much easier.

CBD-V helps keep your endocannabinoid system in homeostasis while undergoing physical changes like fat burning, diet adherence, and physical fitness routines. Losing weight is a definite stress on the body, and the extra support you get from CBD-V can go a long way in keeping you balanced mentally and physically. 

CBD products are known for a wide range of health benefits, targeting cannabinoid receptors to keep the body balanced. Appetite support means eating right, staying in the proper caloric range, and sticking to a healthy diet. 

With the right approach and CBD products like trim, you can reap the health benefits of the cannabis plant and keep your appetite in check, even when cravings strike.*

It all starts with the endocannabinoid system, the network of cells and receptors that keep you feeling comfortable and balanced when tackling your weight loss goals. While CBD doesn’t directly lead to weight management, it sets the stage for general health and well-being that allows you to stay on track with every facet of your regimen.

For example, CBD can soothe feelings of tension or discomfort that can sometimes come with the weight loss process. You’ll be less likely to resort to comfort eating and better equipped mentally to hit the gym and eat right. CBD can also support healthy sleep cycles, a critical component in weight management and general health.* 

With emotional balance and a newfound sense of calm, you can conquer the toughest battles of weight management. 

Using Trim Soft Gel Capsules is convenient and simple, taking the guesswork out of supplementation. Just one capsule per day — ideally as part of your morning routine — is all you need to get on track with a workable regimen. 

No need to measure oils or take multiple doses throughout the day. One easy gel capsule is all it takes to support appetite and keep cravings to a minimum. Of course, we always recommend pairing up your product with a second delivery method like a topical cream or bath bomb for a comprehensive CBD experience. 

Whether you’re looking to manage food intake or finally achieve a healthy weight, trim can help. These high-qualityCBD capsules give you the best of hemp oil with no psychoactive effects, no munchies, and all the support you need to reach your healthiest lifestyle.*

Sunmed products have been sourced and developed from the highest quality industrial hemp-derived extract available on the market today. From extraction to finished goods, our in-house Ph.D. scientists work with third-party test facilities to track every step. This stringent quality control process ensures our products deliver the best possible results for you and your family.

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Easy to take

They are easy to take, but not sure they are working, just started my second month on them.

Yasmin Sherman

Have not noticed a difference at all. Seems to be a waste of money.

Philip Thompson
Poor Product

Save your money and do not buy this product. It does no give the advertised results.

Melissa Haletky
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I never received item

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Full Spectrum Trim Soft Gel Capsules