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Whether it’s a road trip, thunderstorm, or just life that’s got your furry companion worked up—our premium hemp products can help bring them back to their best selves.

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    FAQs | Frequent Asked Questions

    Short answer: yes. This versatile cannabinoid is not just important to human wellness—it can also help our furry friends live their best lives. Anecdotal reports suggest CBD has many potential health benefits for pets.

    The endocannabinoid system is present in all mammals, including dogs and cats—which means that many animals can benefit from small amounts of CBD.*

    While the ECS in smaller animals may not be as vast as our own, cannabinoids do still act similarly and provide comparable benefits for our furry friends.

    What are the benefits of CBD pet products?

    From supporting joint health to easing situation-induced nerves, CBD can help our pets in many ways. Our four-legged companions have big hearts and lead happy, active lives, but they face physical and mental sources of tension just like we pet owners do. CBD can help by interacting with the ECS and supporting balance on a neurological and physiological level.*

    Our pets can be sensitive to noise exposure and other daily situations. From fireworks and thunderstorms to car rides and neighborhood walks, we’ve all seen our pets get nervous and become restless. Pet CBD oil or pet CBD chews may help soothe them and keep them feeling relaxed through life's ups and downs.* 

    The use of CBD in pets can also help them overcome separation nerves and other challenges dog owners face in and out of the home.

    Physical discomfort is also common among animals, especially as they get older. Our pets might deal with joint discomfort and stiffness, or might just need a little bit of extra support during their daily playtime. High-quality CBD may help support your pet's joint health and promote easy mobility.*

    Yes! Hemp-derived CBD products are perfectly safe for pets, as CBD has no known toxicity level.

    On the other hand, high THC levels are very toxic for pets.

    When choosing pet CBD products, opt for those labeled broad spectrum with ND THC (non-detectable THC). Every Sunmed pet product is broad spectrum and comes with third-party batch-specific lab results to ensure ND THC levels, as well as the overall safety and efficacy of the product.

    Does CBD have psychoactive properties?

    You’ll be happy to know that CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it won’t cause a “high” in your pet. This way, you don’t have to worry about your pet becoming confused or distressed after ingesting their CBD.*

    Are human CBD products safe for pets?

    Although human CBD products are generally safe for pets, it is typically recommended to opt for pet-specific CBD products for your cats and dogs. Sunmed's pet CBD formulas are typically much lower in cannabinoid content compared to human CBD products.

    Ideal CBD products for pets are broad spectrum, meaning the THC content is filtered out during formulation. Broad spectrum CBD for pets offers all the plant-rich benefits of hemp without the potentially toxic side effects of THC.

    Pet CBD works in the same way that CBD works in the human body: through interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

    This broad network of receptors is located in the brains, nervous system, peripheral organs, and immune system of mammals. 

    Naturally occurring endocannabinoids bind to CB1 and CB2 receptor sites throughout the ECS, helping regulate the immune system, cognitive function, and digestion, among other physiological processes.*

    Phytocannabinoids found in the hemp plant bind to these same receptor sites to help promote balance in the ECS. CBD and other cannabinoids can give your pet a wellness boost and help them achieve internal achieve homeostasis.*

    That's why Sunmed uses whole plant hemp extracts that utilize material from cannabis stalks, stems, leaves, and other components for optimal results, along with high-quality natural ingredients to supplement their effects.

    Your pet can take CBD daily, but the appropriate frequency of servings will vary from pet to pet, depending on product potency and the size of your pet. 

    One or two servings per day, eight to twelve hours apart, might be a good baseline. 

    Look out for changes in your pet’s behavior to determine the efficacy of the CBD serving while also keeping any side effects to a minimum. In general, you should always rely on the instructions that come with whichever CBD pet product you choose.

    Appropriate serving sizes vary depending on the size of your pet, the potency of the CBD product, and the reason for using CBD, but there are a few rules of thumb to follow. A starting amount of 2.5 mg CBD per 25 pounds of body weight is generally accepted—for example, 5 mg CBD is an appropriate starter serving for a 50-pound dog.

    Keep in mind that it takes about 30 to 45 minutes for orally administered pet CBD products to take effect, and in some cases, even longer. To help your pet make the most of the benefits, keep servings consistent.

    Does pet CBD have side effects?

    Pet CBD is generally safe, but there can be a few mild side effects in some cases. In some pets, high levels of CBD can cause GI issues, including diarrhea and vomiting. This is why it’s best to start with low amounts and go from there based on how your pet reacts. 

    CBD may also interact with certain medications your pet is taking, making it important to consult a veterinary professional to determine if CBD is right for your pet. You may simply need to lower the amount of CBD you give your pet to avoid side effects.

    How do I give my pet CBD?

    Pet CBD wellness products come in several form factors and delivery methods.

    Tinctures can either be delivered by a dropper directly into your pet’s mouth or simply mixed into their food. Our USDA-certified organic broad spectrum tinctures come in three flavors pets love.

    You can also opt for our chillin’ out pet chews, which are specially designed for nervous pups with chamomile and passion flower for increased relaxation. Our movin’ easy pet chews are ideal for a senior pet, working to support mobility and ease feelings of discomfort.*

    Snacks and chews are a convenient way to deliver CBD to your pet. With flavors like peanut butter, cheese, bacon, tuna, and steak, our CBD snacks will have your cat or dog coming back for more—all while feeling their best.*

    We’ve received a lot of great reviews from our customers and we’ve been reviewed by other outlets like Pet Keen.