Does indica make you sleepy or hyper?

Learn the basics of indica strains and know what to expect when you use them. 

Does indica make you sleepy or hyper?
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Making the most of cannabis means using the right types at the right moments and maximizing productivity, relaxation, and overall enjoyment. This is central to our mission at Sunmed, where we strive to help others learn more about hemp and its amazing, versatile uses.

Today, we’re focusing on cannabis indica and examining its unique effects. Does indica make you sleepy and relaxed or hyper and uplifted? What’s the best time and place to use indica, and which delivery methods are best for your goals? 

Let’s answer these questions and more so you can use indica the right way and enjoy every moment. 

What are the different cannabis varieties?

Cannabis education starts with learning the main varieties of cannabis and its unique properties. Knowing these differences will set the stage for your cannabis journey and give you the edge in creating your optimal routine. 

Here are the main categories you should know about. 

Cannabis sativa

Originating from the tropical climates of Southeast Asia and Central America, Cannabis sativa is known for its impressive stature, broad leaves, and slender flowering buds. When you see tall and towering cannabis plants, you can bet its signature sativa.

Sativa strains typically produce energizing, uplifting effects and a more cerebral high. This makes sativa great for creativity, physical activity, and a sense of adventure.

Cannabis indica

Indica strains evolved in harsher, less humid climates like the Middle East and parts of India, making them more resilient and robust. While these plants tend to be shorter and more compact, the flowers of the indica plant are more visually interesting, thanks to varied colors and shimmering crystals.

Indica strains tend to produce more physically relaxing effects and create the “couch lock” feel with soothing sensations. However, we’ll find that indica’s effects can be far more varied based on cannabinoid concentrations, the amount taken, and other factors like environment and timing. 

The hybrid varieties

Some people want the best of both worlds with cannabis, which is where hybrid varieties come into play. These strains are cross-bred between sativa and indica, resulting in mixed phenotypes and varying effects on the endocannabinoid system.* 

Some of the most famous cannabis strains, like Cherry Pie, Pineapple Express, and OG Kush, are hybrids that offer a blend of energizing and relaxing effects.

Hemp: a unique variety of cannabis

Hemp is part of the cannabis family, but unlike cannabis, it only contains trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—not enough to produce psychoactive effects. Instead, hemp tends to be used as a health product for healthy fats and proteins, or as a source of cannabinol (CBD) that offers natural therapeutic benefits.*

Additionally, the plant material of hemp is extremely resilient and versatile, used for everything from paper and textiles to industrial materials and more.

What are the benefits of indica? 

Our focus today is on indica, the smaller yet powerful cannabis variant known for its bold and colorful flowers. But what can you expect from using cannabis indica? Let’s look at the big three benefits that indica brings to the table.

Can support relaxation

Many people use cannabis for the broad goal of relaxation, and indica does a great job of promoting a sense of calm. Indica strains are often associated with a “body high” rather than stimulation, meaning you can sink into your seat and enjoy the moment in a fully relaxed state. If the ultimate zen is what you want from your cannabis experience, indica strains are a good place to start.

Can help ease discomfort

Discomfort comes in many forms, whether it’s sore muscles and joints or psychological tension. Indica strains excel at soothing discomfort of all kinds, making them a go-to for this type of therapeutic use.*

Whether you’re pushing yourself in the realm of fitness or taking a well-deserved break on the weekend, indica cannabis can offer soothing sensations and melt away the discomfort you may feel. Keep in mind that indica paired with CBD can further ease uncomfortable feelings, so consider using CBD products when enjoying your favorite indica strains.* 

May promote restfulness 

Many of us struggle to ease into our evening routine and get into the zone for sleep. Indica is widely considered the best cannabis type to attain a sense of restfulness and relaxation. 

The body high from indica can help users feel a sense of stillness and stability as they wind down at the end of the day. Combined with other cannabinoids like CBN and other natural herbs, you can enjoy a balanced and sustainable nightcap for your evening routine.*

Does indica make you sleepy?

Most cannabis users will tell you that indica is a “sleepy strain” when compared to more active and stimulating variants like sativa. Indeed, studies have shown that cannabis can help support feelings of sleepiness and create the right conditions for calm and relaxation.*

However, simply ingesting indica with the intent of falling asleep might not be your best bet. Instead, a combination of THC, CBD, and CBN is often a better mix of cannabinoids to help you fall asleep and get the rejuvenating rest your body needs.* 

Can indica make you hyper?

Consuming cannabis of any kind can create a stimulating effect, even in the case of indica. While you might not get the uplifting rush of energy that you may expect from sativa strains, indica can still produce some of these effects, especially when smoked. 

Indica might not make you feel hyper, but restfulness is not guaranteed with higher THC concentrations. This is why we suggest experimenting with various THC and CBD ratios and delivery methods—along with other natural supplements and habits—to find your sweet spot for relaxation and sleep.* 

What factors may influence your reaction to indica?

Indica can produce a range of different reactions depending on many factors. Here are five variables to consider when consuming indica and planning ahead for the best results.

Individual and biological responses

Everyone has different body chemistry and reacts to indica in unique ways. Some might find that indica keeps them alert and awake, while others immediately drift off into a state of relaxation. The best way to learn your own reaction is to experiment safely with lower amounts and see how you respond.*

Consumption method

How you consume cannabis is a key determinant of how you respond to the cannabinoids in indica. Smoking cannabis is often more stimulating and immediate, while edibles like gummies or liquid formats tend to offer slower and more sustained effects. 

Because edibles are easier to formulate with other cannabinoids like CBD or CBN, these are often better for attaining specific results like relaxation and rest. The entourage effect is key here, as multiple compounds work together to produce more precise results. 

This is where our Sunmed’s formulations shine, delivering ideal ratios of different compounds for a holistic wellness experience.*

Cannabinoids and terpenes 

It’s always wise to analyze the cannabinoid and terpene content of your cannabis products, keeping in mind that each strain offers something unique.

Indica strains cover a lot of ground in terms of varying effects thanks to unique cannabinoid and terpene blends. Every indica strain produces different effects based on these factors, and Sunmed’s products are designed to give you full transparency going into the experience.* 

Serving size 

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to enjoying cannabis. The biphasic effect of cannabis means that the amount you consume can yield very different outcomes, so keep this in mind when planning your regimen. 

Some users find that larger amounts of cannabis offer more stimulating effects, while a smaller serving size can ready the body and mind for relaxation. Remember to experiment safely and track your responses to varying amounts and formulations. 


When, where, and why you take cannabis makes a difference in your experience. Always be mindful of your surroundings and prioritize familiarity and comfort to get the best possible effects every time. The more comfortable the situation, the better your results will be.

What is the role of CBD in indica's effects?

CBD is present in certain indica strains and can add to the relaxing effects of these cannabis products. Many users find that adding CBD contributes to a more balanced and enjoyable experience, so consider using strains or edibles with higher CBD concentrations to stay calm and relaxed.

To get the most from the entourage effect of indica, CBD, and other cannabinoids, check out full-spectrum cannabis products that provide greater balance and wellness benefits.*

Are there any risks to using cannabis or hemp products?

Cannabis comes with minimal risks, though too much of a good thing can turn bad when ingesting too much THC. This is because THC produces psychoactive effects that can sometimes come with dizziness or disorientation, so always start with a small amount and gradually work your way up to larger servings.

Sunmed’s approach to cannabis products prioritizes the soothing and recovery-boosting effects of indica and CBD, so consider starting with precisely formulated gummies to begin your journey.*

The bottom line

There’s a lot to love about indica, from the soothing and relaxing effects to the sense of calm and rejuvenation. 

But, like all things in the cannabis world, you need the right mindset and approach to get the most from indica products. Sunmed is here to get you started with proven and tested products for a safe and enjoyable experience.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."


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