How much CBD to relax? Tips for relaxation

Learn the basics of CBD serving sizes for relaxation and a few tips and tricks.

How much CBD to relax? Tips for relaxation
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The benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) are vast, and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what it can do. Studies already show that CBD can reduce feelings of tension, improve general well-being, and also help with sleep and recovery. 

But one of the most sought-after health benefits of CBD is a feeling of relaxation without the intoxicating effects on the body or mind. Who doesn’t want to feel more relaxed in their day-to-day life, whether at work or at play? 

CBD definitely has the power to keep you relaxed in a balanced way, but it takes some education and strategy to do it right. This article will outline how CBD affects the body and offer a starting plan to achieve your desired effects through proper servings, methods, and more.

How does CBD affect the body?

CBD affects the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a complex network of transmitters and receptors found throughout the body, including the brain, major organs, muscle tissue, skin, and even bones.* 

Receptors are cell proteins that respond to chemicals, and in the ECS, reactions to CBD can modulate the function of the nervous system while bringing balance to various cells and systems. Depending on the state of your ECS at the moment, CBD can help support balance and alignment.*

We can make more sense of what CBD does by categorizing effects into practical terms that you can apply to your own experience.

Keep in mind that different types of CBD products are highly varied and come in many formulations. We all have different responses to CBD depending on the product type, delivery method, serving size, and other factors.*

Still, the following effects can help you put CBD’s benefits into context and consider how they can add to your relaxation levels in daily life.

May help ease feelings of tension*

Overwhelming tension can detract from our ability to perform physically and also puts a damper on our mental state when trying to get things done. Tension can start small in the neck or shoulders but often develops into something more sustained if ignored for too long.

Since tension stands in the way of relaxation for so many of us, the use of CBD offers an appealing natural route for easing tense feelings. This is accomplished by supporting the nervous system through the ECS and can be helped by the entourage effect of other cannabinoids.*

We all experience tension differently; some have muscle tightness or cranial tension, while others feel it in their joints after working and training for long durations. CBD has the potential to address these many forms of tension via natural means, provided you take the right serving and use best practices for your desired results.*

May help soothe feelings of discomfort*

We know that comfort and relaxation go hand in hand, so feelings of discomfort may be the limiting factor in achieving your desired physical or mental state. 

Sometimes, discomfort is psychological—we may feel annoyed, confused, or just not ourselves. Discomfort also has a major physical component, which can leave us frustrated or distracted from the task at hand. In both realms, CBD might offer a way to soothe these feelings of discomfort by supporting balance in the nervous system, muscles, and more.* 

Studies have shown that many key metrics of discomfort could be attenuated by using CBD, including the stress hormone cortisol.* While some degree of stress is important for homeostasis, long-term stress is never good, and CBD may help support overall wellness when used correctly.*

It can be hard to put your finger on the source of discomfort affecting you, especially if your symptoms are vague and difficult to articulate. With the broad abilities of CBD and the complexity of the ECS, you may find soothing effects from the right regimen. 

May help support sleep* 

There’s no getting around the importance of sleep, and chronic sleep deprivation is a common affliction in our modern world. If you’re struggling to unwind at the end of the day or find it difficult to stay asleep through the night, CBD might be a safe and sustainable way to hit your sleep goals.*

Research shows that sleep dysfunction often stems from dysregulation of the sympathetic nervous system and respiratory activities. The ECS modulates both of these areas, so it follows that CBD may be able to help.*

It’s hard to feel relaxed when you know you’re behind on sleep. Rather than relying on short-term solutions, consider adding CBD to your regimen to achieve relaxation before sleep and get the restoration you need before waking in the morning.* 

May help support overall wellness*

Overall wellness is a key to relaxation we often overlook. This is an all-encompassing term that includes everything from physical comfort to psychological balance, plus immune function, recovery, and much more. 

Since the ECS is so far-reaching across all aspects of the body, it might be smart to supplement with CBD to support your overall wellness goals. People who take CBD report broad support for physiological functions and general well-being, which can help them live life with greater comfort, confidence, and enjoyment.*

If you’re not quite sure what’s affecting your well-being and want a natural way to bring balance to your body and mind, taking CBD might be a good place to start. 

From soothing tension to reduced discomfort, plus sleep and mood regulation, CBD has the tools to bring you closer to your wellness goals without reaching for quick fixes or less-than-healthy habits.*

What is a typical serving size for CBD to relax?

With so much research and user reports to work with, we’re learning more about CBD and its benefits all the time. No matter what you hope to get from your CBD regimen, we always recommend starting small before introducing newer compounds or higher servings.

While certain desired effects may necessitate higher servings of CBD, our suggestion is to begin with a serving of 10 to 20 mg to assess your tolerance and see how your body responds. Some individuals are highly responsive to CBD immediately, while others might not notice results until higher servings are introduced. From body weight to product bioavailability to your metabolism, many factors can affect the proper serving size for your needs.

Additionally, high-quality CBD has a compounding effect on the ECS, meaning that consistent use is important when getting the most from your products. Simply taking one large amount of CBD per week will not be as effective as smaller, more consistent servings taken once or twice per day.

So, for a CBD beginner, try starting with a 10 to 20 mg serving taken daily for a week, closely tracking your symptoms and assessing levels of relaxation each day. From there, you can consider doubling your serving size for another week and evaluating how you feel in the coming weeks. Most CBD gummies offer servings in the 25 mg range, making them ideal for a daily serving once you navigate the first few weeks.* 

CBD is safe to take and generally doesn’t come with side effects, but you also want to be efficient and accurate in your approach instead of leaving the outcomes to chance. 

When starting out, keep track of changes in physical sensations, mental status, performance at work or in the gym, sleep quality, and all the other factors that summarize your overall wellness.

How can you start using CBD for relaxation?

Because CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects, you can start using it for relaxation right away without having to worry about negative effects like paranoia. With that in mind, we recommend you approach CBD with a game plan rather than a random approach.

To see where you’re at with CBD and ensure you take a scientific approach, try kicking off your regimen with this broad spectrum CBD gummy starter pack. Each serving contains 25 milligrams of CBD, meaning a 12.5 mg serving is easy to take by splitting the gummies in half.*

Once you assess your baseline reaction to CBD and you’re ready to try more, simply stick with the 25 mg servings or start incorporating full spectrum CBD products for an added boost. Our full spectrum tinctures provide a convenient dropper for easy and convenient servings.

Which CBD delivery method is best for relaxation?

Delivery methods vary widely in the world of CBD, but we recommend starting with a simple ingestible form that gives you precise control and information about each serving.

Gummies are a great way to get started. Gel capsules are also great for adding to your morning vitamin routine, and some find it easier to simply swallow a capsule on the go. 

Once you’ve grown comfortable taking CBD orally, it might be worth adding other forms of CBD to your routine for added relaxation benefits. A full spectrum topical cream is a great way to target specific joints or tense muscles, while broad spectrum bath bombs couple the benefits of a warm soak with CBD absorbed into the skin. 

Don’t forget the entourage effect when outlining your CBD strategy, and consider leveling up to a full spectrum product to get the benefits of trace amounts of THC in addition to CBD. This combo targets the ECS more effectively without the psychoactive effects, helping you relax to the fullest.*

Do ingestibles last longer?

Ingestible CBD is simple and straightforward but also has the added benefit of lasting longer than topical forms. This allows you to experience the relaxing effects of CBD for an extended duration before you re-up your serving or take a different approach.* 

For beginners, ingestible CBD is the perfect starting point, making the process clear and free of confusion. Start there and give it some time before introducing other formats and expanding your CBD regimen. 

The bottom line

Relaxation comes in many forms, but CBD offers a safe, science-backed way to get sustainable relaxation without getting high or feeling drowsy. 

The key is to approach CBD with an open mind and track your results from your first small serving through each increase and new product type you add to the mix. 

Sunmed has all the products you need to start your CBD lifestyle right and ramp up your regimen with balanced formulas and transparent reports. Use this guide to get started and be ready to see what CBD can do for you. 


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