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Sleep is the foundation for well-being. Find natural, fulfilling sleep with premium CBN. 

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    FAQs | Frequent Asked Questions

    Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabidiol (CBD) are three of the most common cannabinoids that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. These compounds are typically extracted from the leaves, stems, and stalks of the cannabis or hemp plant, then mixed into various CBD products, including tinctures, CBD oils, and edibles for various health benefits.

    While these “big three” cannabinoids are similar in many ways, they have notable differences in their concentrations and effects on our bodies.*

    THC, for starters, is known as the main psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant, responsible for its psychoactive effects. Specifically, delta-9 THC is the most prominent compound in the cannabis plant, and, in high amounts, can have side effects like drowsiness or confusion.*

    On the other hand, CBD is the main non-psychoactive cannabinoid that interacts with the endocannabinoid system, offering various benefits from relaxation to mental focus and concentration. In the right formulas, CBD can even help support overall sleep quality, helping you bounce back from periods of poor sleep.* 

    That said though, CBN is actually widely accepted as the best cannabinoid for sleep and evening relaxation. CBN is found in lower concentrations in the cannabis plant, interacting with specific factors of the ECS to support physical and mental relaxation.* While CBN is harder to find naturally, cannabis manufacturers are ramping up efforts to maximize CBN and include it in CBD products for sleep.*

    Each of these cannabinoids brings something unique to the table, and when you use them together in products like CBD gummies and CBD oil, you can unlock even more benefits.*

    These findings inspired our Sleep collection of CBD products, which focus primarily on CBD and CBN.

    Which cannabinoids are psychoactive?

    Only forms of THC produce psychoactive effects in humans.

    CBD has no reported psychoactive effects, making it a more realistic everyday option for things like focus, energy, and overall well-being. This is why we promote a holistic CBD lifestyle with products that won’t interfere with memory, motor skills, or mental acuity.*

    CBN is closer to CBD in terms of its milder, non-psychoactive effects, even though it is thought to be derived from THC. You won’t experience a “high” from CBN, even when combined with CBD or trace amounts of THC. This makes our full spectrum and broad spectrum sleep formulas ideal for relaxation without the unwanted side effects that users may experience from THC.*

    How does CBN work in the body?

    CBN interacts with the ECS similarly to its cannabinoid siblings, but it binds primarily with CB2 receptors instead of CB1.* These are the receptors associated with the physical effects of cannabis in joints and muscles, as opposed to CB1 receptors which are mainly concentrated in the brain and central nervous system.* 

    CBN is also considerably less potent than THC, making it perfect for an evening routine without the haziness of a high.*

    Methods of delivery vary for CBN depending on the product you choose. These include CBN-rich CBD oils and gummies, which can easily be incorporated into your nighttime ritual. However, you may find that CBN products are harder to come by, as the compound is more difficult to isolate and extract compared to other cannabinoids.*

    If you take CBD, you’ll feel right at home taking CBN for better sleep along with your favorite chamomile tea and other natural sleep aids. You’ll notice the effects of a CBN-rich hemp extract relatively quickly, even in lower amounts, especially when paired with other natural ingredients like lavender and valerian root essential oils.*

    What are the benefits of CBD for sleep?

    CBD offers many benefits that may help promote a good night’s sleep, and high-quality hemp extracts offer all the tools you need to wind down in the evening.* 

    CBD’s main effects include feelings of relaxation and tension relief in the nervous system and muscles, both of which prime the body for rest and signal that it’s time to ease into a sleep cycle at the end of the day.*

    For example, you can use CBD to set the tone for your evening routine, balancing your ECS and enjoying these soothing effects in the body and mind. CBD may also help you stay asleep longer so you don’t interrupt valuable REM sleep or experience other sleep disturbances.*

    If you’re trying to reset your sleep cycle or overcome other sleep problems, CBD can support these goals.*

    Broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp extracts differ mainly in the amount of THC found in the certificate of analysis. While full spectrum products contain up to 0.3% THC by volume, broad spectrum products have only a fraction of that concentration.

    Even with broad spectrum products, you’re getting most of the benefits of a whole plant extract, complete with the entourage effects of multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds that prime the nervous system for sleep.

    Opt for full spectrum CBD if you don’t mind getting slightly more THC, and choose broad spectrum if you want to largely exclude THC from your routine.

    Does full spectrum CBN get you high?

    Full spectrum CBN supplements do contain slightly higher concentrations of THC compared to broad spectrum options. 

    However, the federal limit for THC in over-the-countersupplements is 0.3%, meaning you won’t experience the compound’s psychoactive effects when taking a full spectrum CBN-rich hemp extract.*

    CBD supports sleep quality by bringing balance to the ECS, while soothing tension and minimizing discomfort in the mind and body.* Sleep problems generally stem from stress, tension, and other forms of discomfort, so addressing these issues upfront with CBD helps you ease into a relaxed state and get the REM sleep you need most.

    Not only does CBD help you get to sleep by overcoming barriers to relaxation, but it also supports the deep and restful type of sleep your body needs to recover fully. *

    That way, you wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day ahead without the drowsiness that comes with supplements like melatonin or higher amounts of THC.*

    It doesn’t take too long for CBN and CBD to kick in once you’ve ingested it. We recommend taking our third-party lab-tested full spectrum sleep gummies an hour before your target bedtime, but you may notice effects as soon as 30 minutes in. Our full spectrum sleep tincture works slightly faster thanks to the sublingual method of delivery using a dropper.* 

    This gives you just enough time to perform your evening routine in a stress-free state and ease into relaxation mode—maybe with a cup of herbal tea and a book. Creating a soothing nighttime routine will help you get the most from your CBN and CBD and enjoy the restful sleep your body deserves.*

    Only take CBN and CBD together for sleep when you’ve completed your tasks for the day and are ready to wind down in the evening. We don’t suggest using these to take a nap during the day as it may cause prolonged sleep time, which impacts your sleep cycles long term.*

    CBN and CBD for sleep can safely be used each night—they’re the perfect way to supplement your evening ritual and get quality, restorative sleep every time.*