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    FAQs | Frequent Asked Questions

    Cannabidiol (CBD) has a range of potential benefits for the mind—including focus, clarity, concentration, and overall mental well-being. This hemp compound interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which encompasses neurotransmitters and receptors throughout the brain, nervous system, organs, and more.

    However, most of these receptors are clustered in the brain and support functions like mood, motivation, memory, and mental clarity. CBD is considered a nootropic, meaning it may also help support focus and cognition by maintaining balance in the ECS.

    This is the idea behind our mind collection of products—a carefully-curated selection of plant-rich blends that help you clear the fog and tap into your highest mental potential.* 

    These products are designed to give you the positive cognitive effects of hemp without the fog or drowsiness that comes with potent THC formulas. In addition to cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN, these products also include natural secondary ingredients to further direct the effects—whether you are looking for an invigorating morning supplement with citrus essential oils or a soothing nighttime blend with lavender and valerian root.

    Our Full Spectrum Neuro Water Soluble is optimized for focus and concentration, featuring a balanced plant-rich hemp extract with select terpenes from black pepper, copaiba balsam, and juniper berry essential oils. It mixes easily with your favorite beverage and absorbs quickly for the perfect morning boost.* 

    Now that we know how CBD affects the mind, let’s explore some other benefits that CBD offers in terms of holistic health and mental balance. 

    Helps support a healthy stress response*

    CBD may help support a healthy stress response by keeping your ECS balanced when you need to maintain an even keel at work or in your personal life. CBD may help support healthy levels of chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline, allowing you to keep a clear, focused mind when facing unexpected events and roadblocks.*

    It’s no secret that the sharpest minds are able to handle feelings of tension and stress in stride. From athletes to intellectuals and entrepreneurs, being able to respond to tense situations is key to success in a fast-moving world.

    The truth is that stress is baked into the modern world, from traffic to work and social pressures. With CBD on your side, you can adapt to tension in a healthy way without resorting to compounds with sedatives or other negative side effects.*

    Helps support a good night’s sleep*

    CBD is one of the best tools in your arsenal for sleep hygiene, as the ECS is closely tied to our ability to recover on a mental and physical level. The CB1 receptors that CBD interacts with are associated with the sleep-wake cycle, with a focus on serotonergic neurons and the noradrenaline systems. 

    Sleep deprivation is the greatest threat to our focus and concentration, and unfortunately, it’s all too common in our modern world. It’s challenging enough to fall asleep and enter healthy REM cycles, and staying asleep through the night is never guaranteed, either.

    With a balanced ECS, falling and staying asleep may come more easily and consistently.* Proper sleep is crucial for proper energy levels and cognitive function, which makes getting enough rest even more important.

    If you’ve ever experienced the effects of a lack of sleep–even just a few hours per week–you’ll know that mental focus and acuity are among the first to go. Use CBD and CBN to your advantage by reclaiming your sleep cycles and waking up refreshed to take on the day.

    Helps ease feelings of tension*

    With CBD products on your side, you can ease feelings of tension in a healthy and sustainable way, supporting balance in the endocannabinoid system through various receptors. From muscles and joints to organs, skin, and even the immune system, the ECS network is vast, and CBD use can offer soothing effects that get you back in the game.* 

    Tension is a common barrier to mental health, proper brain function, and other factors required for focus and concentration. People who experience long-lasting tension on a physical level might also feel like their overall wellness is lacking, since these negative feelings can be distracting.

    When you feel good in your body, it’s easier to tap into focus, concentration, and creativity. CBD addresses both physical and mental aspects of the ECS and gives you the best of both worlds.*  

    Supports balanced cognitive health*

    By soothing tension and reducing feelings of discomfort, CBD sets the stage for cognition and mental acuity. The ECS also helps support mood, motivation, and emotional wellness, which also contribute to our cognitive abilities.*

    Cognitive health is a complex equation dealing with factors like stress, biology, environment, and more. While there’s no quick fix to enhancing cognition, CBD oil, and other products may assist in supporting the systems that help mental processes of all kinds.*

    While research is still developing in this realm of CBD science, there’s reason to believe that CBD can offer cognitive support with proper serving sizes.

    While THC is known as an inhibitor of short-term memory function and memory formation, CBD might help support your memory overall. The key is to use specific CBD oil, tincture, or gummy products that focus on neurological benefits rather than THC-heavy blends which may do the opposite.* 

    As always, evaluate cannabinoid ratios when looking at CBD products–plus other ingredients like terpenes–to get the memory-boosting effects you want.

    Using CBD for focus starts with knowing when, where, and why you might need a boost. For many people, this means incorporating CBD into your morning routine, along with proper hydration and nutrition.

    The CBD formula you choose also determines your focus level, so find products that feature CBG for the best uplifting effects.* From tinctures to gummies and water solubles, our Mind collection has CBD products that add to your morning routine without slowing you down.*

    You don’t need much CBD to get the focus-enhancing effects of the compound. In fact, less is more when it comes to focus and concentration with CBD, so you may want to start small with a serving of 20 mg or less.

    Closely track your response to this starter serving and gradually ramp up the amount if needed. You may find that too much CBD reduces focus, so keep your servings spaced throughout the day and maintain other healthy habits to stay balanced.

    Some users find that a small amount of live resin can help enhance focus further, which is why we included our Full Spectrum Anytime Gummies in our Mind collection. Everyone responds differently, so continue to take note of your results when using products across the board.

    CBD is a lifestyle, whether you’re looking for focus, concentration, soothing effects, or other benefits. We suggest using a CBG-rich hemp blend in the morning, then switching over to a general organic CBD tincture in the afternoon for an extra boost.* 

    The key is to find your ideal balance of cannabinoids and other ingredients that give you the best results and stick to the program once you find what works. Our Mind collection has everything you need to get started, so explore the full range of products and build your perfect regimen.*