When to take CBD oil for sleep

CBD has been shown to help you sleep, but when is the best time to take it? Learn to time your CBD intake for the best results.
When To Take CBD Oil for Sleep
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Sleep is one of the most natural processes for the human body, but nowadays, it seems more difficult and complex than ever. Between overstimulation, stress, and more serious conditions, sleep deprivation is commonplace, and more people are turning to advanced techniques and supplements to help.

Among the many forms of natural sleep support available over the counter, cannabidiol (CBD) oil stands out as a reliable, sustainable compound that can be taken daily. If you already have your favorite CBD tincture or oil for sleep, you may be wondering how to properly incorporate it into your routine. That means knowing how to time your evening intake for maximum effects.

This article will cover exactly why CBD is so effective for sleep, and the considerations at play when taking CBD as part of your evening routine — timing included. We’ll also give some pointers for selecting hemp extracts that support overall sleep quality and give you the best results long term. 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is one of the many naturally occurring compounds of the cannabis plant, part of a unique class known as cannabinoids. Next to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is the best-known cannabinoid out of hundreds, known for a range of non-psychoactive, beneficial effects.* 

CBD products work by interacting with cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system, a network of neurotransmitters that regulate processes like recovery, tension, and more. Now that we know that better sleep is among the effects of CBD, it’s now a staple of many wellness routines for a good night’s sleep.

What is CBD oil?

While CBD can be found in many forms, CBD oil remains one of the most popular delivery methods for this compound. Oils make it easy to find your ideal CBD serving to enjoy the benefits of CBD on your terms, whereas gummies may be difficult to divide or measure with precision. When it comes to using CBD for sleep, precision makes a difference, and CBD oil can help.

Additionally, CBD oil is one of the fastest-acting form of CBD, ensuring you get a calming effect more quickly and consistently. This is typically done through sublingual administration, and the rapid effects of the hemp plant can be felt within 45 minutes or less to keep your sleep-wake cycles in check.

If you’re struggling to time your CBD usage in the context of your evening routine, CBD oil might be the best format to align your sleep patterns and maintain your well-being. As we explore the benefits of CBD for sleep and give some practical recommendations, keep in mind that the best CBD product for your sleep is the one that you can stick with.

How does CBD oil help with restful sleep?

CBD oil can help with sleep in many ways. By interacting with the endocannabinoid system, the compound balances different systems within the body that signal preparation and readiness for sleep and recovery overall. Let’s look at some specific ways that CBD oil can be used for sleep, and why this format may be preferred by certain users. 

Prepares the mind and body for sleep*

When sleep doesn’t come easy, CBD may help support healthy sleep latency, or the time it takes to fall asleep. We’ve all experienced the frustration of lying awake, unable to fall asleep as the clock keeps ticking. By using CBD in your evening routine, you signal to the body and brain that relaxation is the goal, and if your actions follow, you can fall asleep on time.

This works on both physical and psychological levels, as CBD oil can influence muscle relaxation, mental calm, and overall body and mind balance. Additionally, it helps the body transition from the “fight or flight” mode of the sympathetic nervous system and into the more relaxed “rest and digest” parasympathetic. 

That subtle change in alertness and energy can make all the difference in your nighttime routine, so taking CBD oil is especially useful if you’re still feeling energized or stressed during the evening.

Supports your ability to sleep through the night*

Falling asleep is just half the battle. You also need to sleep through the night and ensure you navigate all four stages of sleep for complete recovery. For those dealing with sleep disturbances or those who tend to be light sleepers, CBD use may help you enter a deep state of sleep and wake up refreshed.

CBD oil can help support overall deep, undisturbed sleep through different mechanisms like muscle relaxation, tension reduction, and soothing effects on the central nervous system that help you melt the day away. Remember, you hold tension even while you’re unconscious and sleeping, and this takes a toll on the quality of sleep you get. With CBD oil, you can achieve thorough relaxation and get through the night unphased.

This contributes to a better sleep-wake cycle, restoring your inner clock and keeping you on track with a natural rhythm of day and night.

When should you take CBD oil for sleep?

You may be intrigued by the benefits of CBD oil for sleep, but when exactly should you take it? Here are some suggestions to use CBD at the right time and get the most from your preferred formulation.

Using CBD oil during the day

The most beneficial CBD regimens start during the day, priming the endocannabinoid system with a default level of relaxation and balance. Consider using a long-lasting Organic Full Spectrum CBD Tincture to familiarize yourself with the feeling of hemp extract and how to properly take CBD oil sublingually. 

During the day, this well-rounded CBD oil will keep you feeling calm and focused without any drowsiness or psychoactive side effects. By the time you reach your evening routine, you’ll be in a great position to take a specific CBD oil for sleep, like our CBN-rich tincture formula, and the effects of your daily CBD intake will compound positively over time.

Keep in mind, however, that certain CBD formulations, such as those containing CBG, are not suitable for use late in the day. Be mindful about the types of hemp extracts you use and create a schedule that plays to the advantages of your CBD supplement lineup and your broader lifestyle goals.


Adding CBD oil to your evening routine

While a standard CBD oil can be taken successfully for sleep, we suggest finding a nighttime formulation that also contains cannabinol (CBN) and other plant-based compounds that work as natural sleep aids. Our CBD for sleep provides exactly that — high-quality hemp extract with both CBD and CBN, plus lavender, valerian, and more.*

Once you have your chosen formula and amount, try taking CBD oil about an hour before you plan to fall asleep. This will give you enough time to wrap up your evening activities and hit the pillow feeling ready for the best sleep of your life.

The fast-acting mechanisms of CBD tincture are especially beneficial for those on a tight schedule, as you’ll feel the effects of the CBD oil more quickly than an edible. Additionally, you can use CBD oil in key situations, such as recovering from jet lag or restoring your sleep-wake cycle after an all-nighter for work or school. Whether you want to use CBD oil daily is up to you — always pay attention to how your body feels and what you need to thrive.*

Practicing holistic sleep hygiene

Start by determining the root cause of your sleep struggles, and pair CBD oil with your efforts to improve overall sleep hygiene. For instance, you may need to reduce ambient light or noise in your bedroom or use essential oils to diffuse relaxing aromas before bed.

Other good habits like shutting off screens and performing relaxation techniques before bed can help too. Instead of watching multiple episodes of a show or scrolling the news on your phone, try reading a physical book or low-light e-reader before you fall asleep.

The key is to look at CBD oil as one of many strategies you can employ to achieve better sleep, as it can catalyze your efforts in all areas of sleep hygiene.

The bottom line

CBD oil for sleep can be a transformative tool in fulfilling your new commitment to quality sleep. Use it correctly, and you might find that your sleep is supported by every metric, from sleep latency to duration and even the consistency of your sleep-wake cycle.*

Sunmed continues to be at the frontier of CBD science and holistic wellness, and we understand that sleep is just one component of total health. CBD oil is one tool in the arsenal, and we’ve given you the guidance you need to get started with a sustainable lifestyle regimen.

Of course, sleep is foundational to everything you do. By mastering this pillar of wellness, you can tackle the other challenges of life with more confidence, energy, and peace of mind.


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