How to take water soluble CBD

Water soluble CBD is a game-changing hemp extract innovation. Here’s how to take water soluble CBD the right way and what to expect.
How To Take Water Soluble CBD
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Hemp extracts are more varied and accessible than ever before, but it’s not just the usual lineup of CBD oils and edibles you might expect. While these tried-and-true delivery methods are as reliable as ever, a new wave of hemp extract products is emerging, with water soluble CBD leading the way. 

Water soluble CBD formulas are focused on streamlined convenience with your everyday routine. At the same time, they deliver the potent effects of high-quality cannabinoids you know and love, including soothing, balancing, and general wellness support. 

You may not know about water soluble CBD yet, but it won’t be long until this format is just as popular as CBD oils and other familiar formats. Today, we’re giving you the full intro to water soluble CBD, explaining what it is, how to take it, and what to expect at every level. 

What is water soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD is a unique type of liquid hemp extract product that is developed for maximum solubility, or the ability to quickly dissolve in other liquids. 

This is a relatively new type of product on the hemp scene, but it’s gaining steam rapidly — and for good reason. High-quality water solubles allow your CBD consumption to be quicker, easier, and more aligned with your lifestyle, checking all the boxes for a great hemp extract experience.* 

While our water soluble products are some of our newest in the Sunmed lineup, they’re already among our most popular, showcasing that usability and convenience matter when it comes to CBD. 

Why are most hemp extracts not water soluble?

If you’ve ever used products like CBD oils or tinctures before, you might be used to sublingual delivery or another form that doesn’t involve mixing in water or another beverage. That’s because oil-based hemp extracts simply don’t dissolve into other liquids — no matter how much time you spend mixing and stirring. 

It’s not a lack of patience or technique on your part, but rather the laws of chemistry that keep CBD oils from mixing into water, coffee, or tea. The science is simple: cannabidiol and other cannabinoids are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water and will never dissolve fully. 

Just as you would expect from trying to mix olive oil or coconut oil into your favorite drink, there will always be some degree of separation so that the substance sits on top of the liquid.

While this lack of solubility isn’t a total deal-breaker for many CBD oil users, it does mean that you’re somewhat limited to how you want to enjoy your hemp extract. That’s exactly what led us to produce water soluble CBD, giving you the opportunity to mix hemp extracts into your beverage of choice and enjoy quality, liquid CBD exactly how you want. 

How is water soluble CBD produced?

Water soluble CBD uses the same hemp extracts that are foundational to other finished products like oils, edibles, and topicals. The process starts with the extraction of active cannabinoids and other plant compounds from Cannabis sativa, using CO2 or solvents to strip the plant of its most valuable components. 

Once the extract is obtained and isolated, it undergoes an advanced process of liposomal emulsification. This is where the magic happens, and the key to ensuring the solubility of the final product. Liposomal emulsification involves preparing lipids and mixing them with hemp extract, followed by a high-energy dispersion technique like ultrasonication or homogenization. 

The combination of heat, pressure, and movement capture plant compounds within the tiny lipid cells, forming vesicles that form a more aqueous substance, ready to mix with water. The process is labor intensive but worthwhile, as water soluble CBD will dissolve quickly in any other liquid with no separation and even distribution.* 

Solubility might be a simple concept in science, but the process of making CBD water soluble is by no means easy. Thankfully, we cracked the code on emulsification, giving you a high-quality new product that will change how you enjoy CBD.* 

What types of water soluble CBD are there?

Although water soluble CBD products don’t match other delivery methods in terms of sheer variety, Sunmed has introduced a wide range of high-quality water solubles to get you started.

If you’re looking for the general balancing benefits of a well-rounded hemp extract, our Broad Spectrum Wellness CBD Water Soluble offers a great foundation. The formula is similar to what you might expect from an all-purpose CBD oil or edible, giving you a variety of active compounds that can be taken at any time of day.*

For a boost of morning energy and focus, our Broad Spectrum Neuro CBD Water Soluble provides CBD, CBG, and a potent blend of invigorating cannabinoids to start your day right. This formula is designed to help you concentrate and stay productive with ingredients like juniper berry, black pepper, and other essential oils.*

Of course, Sunmed is always looking for new ways to improve on our formulas and roll out new varieties, so our work here has only just begun. Still, you have a great selection of water soluble CBD products to choose from right now, letting you experience the convenience and simplicity of this format for yourself.

How does water soluble CBD affect the body?

Water soluble CBD affects the body similarly to other delivery methods, with a few notable differences. For one, water soluble CBD has enhanced bioavailability and can be absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream compared to traditional oil-based CBD products. This can lead to faster onset of effects, making water soluble CBD an attractive option for those seeking rapid relief.

With water soluble CBD, a larger proportion of the CBD consumed is actually absorbed by the body rather than being excreted unused. This can result in more pronounced effects from smaller doses, potentially making water soluble CBD more cost-effective.

On the other hand, water soluble CBD allows for a very precise and controlled serving of CBD, which puts you at an advantage as a hemp extract user. You can determine your exact serving size with a dropper, mix it into your beverage, and sip slowly to enjoy sustained, long-lasting effects over the course of the morning or all day long.*

Water-soluble CBD can have calming and soothing effects, giving you a general sense of well-being. It’s everything you want from a high-quality hemp extract, only now, you can enjoy it in a more convenient form that fits your routine and lifestyle.* 

How do you take water soluble CBD?

Taking water soluble CBD is simple and intuitive — just like stirring sugar into your coffee or honey in your tea. Let’s walk through the process step by step and show you how easy water-soluble CBD is to use. 

Choose a beverage

Some of us prefer to start the day by hydrating with fresh water, while others prefer a cold glass of orange juice or a sports drink. No matter what beverage you like to kick things off, water-soluble CBD is designed to mix easily into any liquid and infuse your drink with quality hemp extract. 

Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter — the efficacy of your water soluble CBD will not be affected by temperature or other ingredients in your drink of choice. That means you can save your morning serving of CBD to enjoy alongside your coffee or tea and make it exactly how you want.

You can also drop your water soluble CBD into your reusable water bottle to bring it on the go, giving you a steady source all day long. It’s totally up to you, and there are no rules to make or break.

Drop in your hemp extract

Once you’ve chosen your beverage, it’s time to add water soluble CBD to the mix. Start by identifying your ideal serving size based on your experience, preferences, and desired effects. 

If you’re new to hemp extracts overall, we recommend starting with a serving between 10mg and 20mg of total cannabinoids, so calculate the volume based on the concentration of your product formula. Of course, you’ll want to take note of the effects you experience from this starter serving size and adjust accordingly.*

Mix and enjoy

Once you’ve placed your water soluble CBD in your drink, use a stirrer to mix the liquids together and create a homogenous solution. 

This should take no more than a few seconds, as water soluble CBD is designed with this exact purpose in mind. Wait until you see that the hemp extract has fully dissolved into the liquid and that no residue remains on the surface. 

You can also use water soluble CBD to blend in your favorite smoothie recipe or use a shaker bottle to ensure rapid and complete solubility. Find your sweet spot of speed, convenience, and enjoyment to get the most from your water soluble experience. 

Some users prefer to down their water soluble mixture in one go, while others take their time with small sips over a longer timeframe. Again, it’s all about finding a process you can enjoy and repeat to ensure sustained lifestyle integration.* 

Can you take water soluble CBD without mixing it?

We created water-soluble CBD so that you can mix it easily in any beverage. However, if you want to take this product sublingually, there’s no reason to hold back. 

In fact, water-soluble CBD is highly bioavailable, meaning the body will absorb more of the active ingredients and deliver them to the bloodstream efficiently. With this in mind, consider alternating your delivery method with water soluble CBD from one day to the next to vary your effects and tolerance.*

Remember that even if you fall in love with water soluble CBD the first time you use it, there’s always room to incorporate other hemp extract formats like tinctures, edibles, topicals, and more. 

This varied approach to CBD consumption will target the endocannabinoid system at multiple levels and give you the most sustained, complete range of effects to benefit your body and mind.*

The bottom line

We are thrilled to offer water soluble CBD to our customers and believe you'll benefit from its fast-acting effects and seamless convenience. No matter how you choose to use it, we’re confident you’ll find a reason to love water soluble CBD as much as we do. 

Get started today with one of our best-selling water soluble CBD products and stay tuned for more on the way. Sunmed is always on the frontier of hemp science and discovery, and we’re happy to have you on board with us.


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