Does CBD help you sleep?

CBD is one of nature’s most powerful compounds, but can it help support sleep? Here’s your guide to CBD and sleep, backed by science.
Does CBD Help You Sleep?
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When you don’t get the sleep you need, life becomes far more difficult than it needs to be. Not only do you become more irritable and less vibrant, but lack of sleep also affects your body and brain in ways you might not see. Sleep is necessary for recovery, memory consolidation, immune health, and so much more — it’s the pillar of health you just can’t overlook.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that so many people are seeking medical advice for sleep in this day and age. Your healthcare professional might recommend some sleep medications that help, but many prefer natural remedies to prevent harmful side effects and achieve long-term health and well-being. Of all the sleep supplements that nature has to offer, CBD might be one of the best.

This article will cover all the reasons why CBD is so beneficial for sleep, from its effects on the endocannabinoid system to its synergistic effects with other plant compounds. We’ll also discuss some practical ways to incorporate CBD and make the most of this powerful compound for sleep and beyond. If you’re finally ready to commit to quality sleep, you’re in the right place.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid, a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. For decades, CBD has been studied as a non-psychoactive counterpart to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), specifically for benefits like tension soothing and relaxation. 

It only took a few short years for CBD use to skyrocket around the world, following the legalization of THC-free hemp products and numerous scientific confirmations. With minimal side effects and a wide range of applications, CBD is now one of the most popular supplements on the market, with proven effects on sleep and more.

It’s not just CBD oil or gummies you can use for sleep, either. Alongside popular edibles, CBD can be used in topicals, bath soaks, water-soluble formats, and more. There has never been a better time to explore what CBD has to offer, whether your goal is sleep or general well-being.

How does CBD help you sleep?

We can attribute the popularity of CBD to many factors, but how does this cannabinoid stack up in terms of sleep benefits? In addition to its broad health benefits, CBD can help you get a good night’s sleep when used properly. Let’s look at how CBD works in the body, as well as some psychological factors that contribute to sleep quality.

Soothing, relaxing, and calming effects

CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, a network of neurotransmitters that spans throughout the entire body. The ECS plays a role in nearly every function of the body, from rest and recovery to cognition, immunity, and more. Because CBD is commonly used for easing tension and relaxing muscles, the benefits of this compound for sleep come into clearer focus.

For instance, many people have difficulty relaxing after a stressful day and experience both physical and psychological effects of stress that get in the way of sleep. CBD helps by supporting the central nervous system’s ability to properly shift from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest” mode, which brings balance to the body in preparation for sleep.

These soothing and calming effects are noticeable within an hour or less of taking CBD, depending on your serving size and method of delivery. This means that you can take CBD as part of your evening routine and reduce tension gradually by the time you get under the covers.

Reduces sleep latency

Sleep latency is one of the more overlooked components of sleep hygiene, but it’s a key metric to observe when measuring your sleep quality and experience overall. This term refers to the time it takes for you to fall asleep once you’ve laid down and closed your eyes. For many, this is one of the big challenges faced in fixing sleep quality, and CBD can play a role in supporting overall healthy sleep latency so that you can fall asleep on time.*

This works by helping to soothe tension in the body and calm the mind, potentially making it easier for you to fall asleep on time and avoid restless nights. Specifically, CBD targets CB2 receptors which are located in muscles, joints, and organs, so these effects are felt on a physical level in addition to the psychological tension-reducing effects.*

The research on sleep latency is clear: if you fall asleep quickly, your overall sleep quality is likely to be higher. Use CBD to support the process of falling asleep, and you’ll be able to navigate the various sleep stages — including REM — with efficiency.*

Minimizes nighttime disturbances

Not everyone has trouble falling asleep, but some encounter obstacles when trying to stay asleep throughout the entire night. Whether it’s due to restless muscles, residual tension from the day, or an overstimulated nervous system, sleep disturbances can turn a good night’s sleep bad without any prior warning.

While certain relaxation techniques can help reduce the frequency and severity of sleep disturbances, natural compounds like CBD may make a difference as well. CBD soothes muscles and joints to reduce physical discomfort while also calming the mind and bringing your emotional state into balance for deeper relaxation.*

This shows that the tension we carry during the day doesn’t magically melt away once we fall asleep. Even if you feel exhausted, stress can result in sleep disturbances and keep you in an endless cycle of poor sleep, despite your desire for quality rest. With CBD, you can address the source of tension directly and allow your body to finally experience the deep sleep it needs.

Helps you wake up refreshed

If you’ve ever tried melatonin or other over-the-counter sleep aids, you might be familiar with the feelings of grogginess and drowsiness that these products cause the day after sleep. In other words, you might have slept well, but you don’t feel your best the next day. 

With CBD, you don’t need to make this compromise, as a high-quality hemp extract can allow you to wake up feeling fully refreshed and rested the following day.

This is because CBD works differently from supplements like melatonin. While melatonin is a hormone that pushes your body into a sleep state, CBD supports your natural sleep-wake cycle by interacting with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to maintain your naturally occurring melatonin levels and use them to your advantage.*

With CBD and proper sleep hygiene, you shouldn’t experience sleepiness after waking up. Address your cannabinoid receptors first, and only use melatonin for as-needed situations, like jet lag.

Pairs well with other forms of natural sleep support

The equation of sleep is complex, and cannabis use is just one aspect of your possible supplement regimen. Maybe you enjoy the effects of lavender, peppermint, valerian, or other plant-based compounds that may help address short-term sleep disturbances. 

The good news is that CBD is the perfect ally to these other proven herbs, as they pair well together and provide compounding effects. That’s exactly how we created the formulas behind our best-selling CBD for sleep, using quality hemp with sleep-supporting herbs to find the perfect balance of natural relaxation.*

CBD works best when paired with essential oils, like lavender and valerian root. These oils contain unique terpenes and flavonoids from the plants, which combine with cannabinoids to produce a synergy known as the entourage effect.

A pillar of your evening routine

By the time you reach the end of your day, you’re likely low on willpower and entering autopilot mode. That makes it easy to forget about your priorities and let your evening routine slip out of hand. 

If that sounds like a familiar story, you may benefit from using CBD gummies or tinctures to mark the beginning of your evening routine, giving you some additional structure and support. By kicking off your evening routine with CBD, you’re effectively setting a countdown timer until you begin to feel the effects of hemp and other supplementary ingredients. This means you have about an hour before you’re feeling calm, relaxed, and ready for bed.

As a result, you’ll be able to focus strictly on bedtime rituals like preparing your space, wrapping up household tasks, and enjoying a few minutes with a book or TV show. The power of routine in sleep hygiene is central to success, so consider using CBD as a tool to help in this regard.

What CBD products are best for sleep?

The best CBD for sleep is the product you’ll be able to use consistently and complements your lifestyle goals. However, as you begin your search for the highest quality products, there are some tips you should keep in mind. 

Here are some pointers to finding the most effective hemp extracts for sleep, ensuring you make the right choice from the start.

Broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD contains CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids as the primary compounds. THC is found in negligible amounts, meaning you can enjoy the power of hemp without any influence of psychoactive effects.

Full spectrum CBD, on the other hand, can contain up to 0.3% THC. While this isn’t enough THC to produce a high, you may feel the additional effects of this cannabinoid in your sensory perception as you fall asleep. Knowing the difference between these two types of CBD is a good place to start as you select your preferred product.

CBD formulations with CBN

When looking for the ultimate sleep hemp extract, consider using one with cannabinol (CBN). This “sleepy cannabinoid” helps to soothe and calm the body in addition to the effects of CBD, making it the ideal formulation for improving sleep.

Just as you might choose an energizing form of CBD for daytime use, CBD for sleep has its own set of properties and cannabinoid profiles. If quality sleep is your goal, use hemp extracts designed for that specific purpose.*

Our clinically-proven Full Spectrum Sleep CBN Gummies offer a generous amount of CBN per serving, as well as CBD for sleep. Our formula is clinically proven to improve sleep quality, with additional benefits for reducing anxiety and fatigue.

How should you use CBD for sleep?

Using CBD for sleep starts by identifying your sleep strengths and weaknesses and implementing the right hemp extracts into your routine at the right times. Use the following tips to use CBD for sleep and get the best results from your routine.

Consider using CBD during the day

While you can certainly reap the benefits of using CBD for sleep only, you may find it beneficial to begin your CBD intake during the day. Supplementing with daily CBD balances the body and reduces tension so that you can step into your evening routine with a head start on relaxation.

Try using an all-purpose hemp extract product like our Full Spectrum Whole Plant CBD Tincture to experience the benefits of CBD throughout the day, preparing for a good night’s sleep in the evening.*

Structure your evening routine around CBD

We’ve touched on the power of routine already, so find a way to make CBD a pillar of your nighttime ritual. Whether you eat a gummy, apply tincture sublingually, or mix it into your herbal tea, there are many great ways to start your evening routine with the centering effects of CBD.

Once you begin to experience the benefits of an evening routine, you’ll see why CBD is such an effective remedy — not just for its effects, but for its symbolic beginning to your relaxation ritual.

Address other elements of sleep hygiene 

A high-quality hemp extract can change the way you sleep with its effective compounds and interaction with the ECS, but you still need to make an effort to support your sleep hygiene

The challenges are different for everyone, so take note of things like your bedroom environment, blue light stimulation, food intake, media consumption habits, and all the factors that determine your sleep outcomes. Sleep hygiene is an ongoing process, and nobody’s perfect. Simply making a plan and improving incrementally over time will pay off, so start now.

The bottom line

The effects of CBD can be hugely impactful on your sleep experience, from its soothing and relaxing benefits to the sense of calm it brings to your mind. Use all of these things to your advantage, and always seek ways to sharpen your sleep hygiene with small improvements each night.

As your sleep habits become better over time, you’ll notice more energy and vitality during the day, guiding you into an upward cycle of wellness and productivity. Your journey begins now, so don’t wait — use CBD for sleep the right way, and see these amazing changes for yourself.


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