11 affirmations for better self-care

Discover 11 of the best affirmations for better self-care practices.

11 affirmations for better self-care
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Medically Reviewed by: Dr. Caley Scott, ND

Self-care is foundational to any self-improvement journey. From establishing a daily routine to getting enough exercise and quality nutrition, every bit counts towards your mental health and well-being. 

But apart from the pillars of physical health and organization, you also need a positive mindset to take control of your own life and thrive. Repeating self-care affirmations is a proven technique to build self-worth, set healthy boundaries, and generate momentum on your path of personal growth. 

Affirmations are easy to learn, usable anywhere, and can be personalized to fit your unique goals and priorities. You can use them as journal prompts, speak them into the mirror, or keep them as mantras to repeat when combatting negative self-talk. 

Let’s look at 11 simple affirmations you can incorporate into your daily routine and talk about some benefits you can expect from this ancient practice.

1. “I am a priority in my life.”

If you’re a parent or a busy professional, it’s easy to put the needs of others above your own. Therefore, this first affirmation reminds you that you are worth making time for, even if your priority is to take care of others.

Use this affirmation when you need to reinforce personal boundaries or set aside time for self-love and healthy habits. Remember, you can only serve others by being your best self.

2. “I am allowed to take care of myself.”

Ever feel like the pressures of work and life never seem to end? This affirmation is a useful reminder that you can (and should) take care of yourself, even with responsibilities and expectations.

Yes, it’s okay to be the top priority in your life sometimes, whether that means taking a bubble bath or unwinding with your favorite show or book. You are worthy of love, so treat yourself with some self-compassion now and then. 

3. “I have faith in my abilities.”

The most useful positive thoughts aren’t about delusions of grandeur or superiority. This affirmation is a simple yet powerful way to say that you trust your abilities and perform whatever tasks lay ahead. 

You can repeat this saying when prepping for a day at work, a session at the gym, or attending a social event where you might not feel comfortable. With faith in your own abilities, you avoid self-sabotage and accomplish more than you could imagine.

4. “I am safe and cared for.”

Physical safety and well-being are the fundamentals of a healthy and happy life, so why not start there? If you have the essentials, like food, shelter, and social relationships, this affirmation helps solidify that sense of protection and care. 

This affirmation can be especially useful when navigating challenging personal or professional situations or overcoming internal mental struggles. It’s also a good end-of-day affirmation for your evening routine.

5. “I can make a difference.”

On a planet with 8 billion people, it’s easy to feel like you aren’t making a difference in the world. However, a sense of purpose is vital to reaffirm your self-worth, and this mantra is a simple, elegant reminder that you matter. 

You don’t need to be a motivational speaker or a charity founder to make a difference. By projecting positivity and helping others in your life, you’re doing your part each day. 

6. “I am finding the good in everything around me.”

From the news media to workplace gossip, negativity can be found at any corner. However, you do have a choice to not let the distant negativity effect your daily mindset. Try not to hyper-focus to those negative elements and to instead redirect your mind towards the good aspects of life. 

This affirmation functions as a sort of filter, allowing you to see positivity in everything and keep you on the path toward your goals without distraction. 

7. “I am fueling my body with healthy food.”

Nutrition is often called the basis of self-care (and for good reason). All of your daily activities are fueled by the food you eat, from the gym to the workplace and beyond. Use this affirmation to make smart nutrition choices and avoid temptations. 

This mantra can be used at the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, or when preparing a snack or meal in your home kitchen. It’s a simple “blessing” you can say before picking up your fork, promoting more mindful and intentional eating.

8. “I am giving myself room to grow.”

What does it mean to give yourself room to grow? It could refer to physical space and time for yourself — both of which are necessary for self-care and improvement. On the other hand, the idea also has mental and emotional dimensions. This affirmation can help you “clear the cobwebs” of your mind and wipe the slate clean so you can focus on what matters. 

9. “I am on the right path.”

This potent affirmation can help you get back on track when self-doubt strikes. It puts things in perspective and refreshes the “big picture” view of your life. The path may be difficult, and you may not adhere 100% at every moment, but that’s okay. Keep this mantra in mind when enduring life’s challenges and forge ahead. 

10. “I am grateful for the life I am living.”

Gratitude is one of the most powerful mental cues we can use, and it’s completely free of charge. There are likely many things you can be grateful for, and life itself is number one! 

Speak this affirmation when you’re feeling overwhelmed or trapped in a cycle of “why me” thought patterns. This is also a powerful journal prompt you can use to write down the reasons you’re grateful and reorient yourself toward positive thinking.

11. “I have the power to make the best choices for myself.”

No matter what happens externally or the events of the past, you always have the power to make the best choices moving forward. This affirmation brings you into the present moment and gives you the strength to make healthy, future-oriented decisions that will benefit you in the coming days and years.

What are the benefits of affirmations?

Affirmations aren’t just abstract ideas — according to research, they can actually change your brain and reorient yourself toward positivity and improvement. Here are some science-backed benefits of affirmations that you can look forward to by using this technique.


A strong baseline of self-esteem is key to living a life of self-love, health, and purpose. With a set of affirmations, you can reinforce a positive sense of self, regardless of your circumstances or the challenges. 


Confidence is more situational, a result of your specific experiences and abilities. While true inner confidence comes easier for some than others, affirmations can prepare you when stepping outside your comfort zone and hype you up to perform at peak capacity. 

Certain affirmations are better suited for situational confidence, whether you’re entering a new work environment or going for a record lift at the gym. Keep an arsenal of confidence affirmations in mind when preparing for these challenges, and set yourself up for success. 

Stress reduction

A bit of stress can have positive effects in big moments, but too much chronic stress is bad for the body and mind. Use stress reduction affirmations when you feel overwhelmed and need to re-center yourself. These can be useful when navigating high-pressure situations or relaxing before bed at the end of the day. 

Positive thinking

Positivity is always a work in progress, so use affirmations to combat negativity at every turn. Simply vocalizing your positive outlook can sometimes be enough to turn the tables and refresh your outlook, as well as everyone else's. 


Motivation comes and goes, even for the high achievers of the world. A well-timed affirmation can rev your mental engine and prime your body for performance, even if you don’t feel 100% ready. Master these affirmations, and you’ll learn to conjure motivation out of thin air. If you need a boost of focusing energy and inner balance, a Broad Spectrum Neuro Water Soluble can be an invaluable asset.* 


We’re programmed to seek comfort in an uncertain world, but it’s not always easy to find. Use comforting affirmations to return to a mental state of serenity and tranquility when you need it most. Finding the balance between comfort and challenge is one of the keys to self-care, so it’s important to never lean too far in either direction. 

The bottom line

Starting your self-care journey can feel insurmountable, especially when facing mental clutter and a seemingly endless to-do list. Thankfully, these affirmations are designed to be simple and versatile for any situation you encounter. Use this list of simple affirmations to get started, and expand your repertoire with alternative versions and self-created mantras. 

With other healthy lifestyle habits and a CBD regimen that supports your physical and mental well-being, you can navigate life’s challenges with grace, confidence, and a greater purpose. 


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