Targeted Ratio Gummies

This high-quality, innovative extract preserves even more terpenes and hemp compounds. Featuring Indica - Strawberry, Hybrid - Kiwi, and Sativa - Passionfruit.

Nighttime Vegan Gummies

Sleep soundly with this customer favorite; 100% vegan, available in Blueberry flavor.

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Full Spectrum Nighttime Tincture

Let this blueberry oil tincture guide you into deep, fulfilling rest.


Broad Spectrum Topical

This customer favorite will enhance your recovery routine like no other.


Chillin' Out

Our award-winning ‘chillin’ out’ chews will have your pup mellowed out.

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Live Resin Indica Gummies

Rich strawberry flavor, these indica gummies will have you relaxed, soothed, and mellowed


Trim Weight Loss Gummies

Explore a natural approach to weight loss with our revolutionary line of Trim products.

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